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West Midlands

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West Midlands Children’s Service

We have multiple services in the West Midlands that deliver a trauma-informed approach to our children working closely with the staff teams to provide a safe, homely, and nurturing environment where the young people are supported to build resilience as they create a life they choose to live and resume self-control and responsibility for their behaviour. Our care homes provide therapeutic care, in a residential setting for young people of either gender, aged between 12- 18 years. All young people who have encountered a traumatic experience, have behavioural or mental health difficulties, and/or have experienced or are at risk of sexual exploitation. We provide a holistic and nurturing home dynamic, which will offer our young people access to therapy and able to provide a space for home-schooling when needed.

Our newly established supported accommodation service seeks to use the active support approach to assist young adults in gaining the skills of independence with guidance and support from staff who will enable individual growth and personal development. All individuals supported will have a named key support worker. The service is provided for up to 4 people age 16+, but predominantly 16–17-year care leavers. It is designed to be an independence assistance programme to assist individuals who are leaving care to develop the skills to achieve independence from school to work or study and stable long-term accommodation. The service offers supported accommodation, that is accommodation with support, to develop skills of independence and transitioning from care to self-sufficiency with goals set by the individual.

“The home environment is homely and welcoming. Children’s photos are proudly displayed on the walls. They depict happy memories and experiences shared with staff. Children’s bedrooms are personalised to their tastes and are redecorated between children moving out and new children moving in. This gives children the opportunity to make the space their own and take pride in their home.”

Ofsted 2022

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Celebrating Carers Week: Recognising the Unsung Heroes of Our Communities

Celebrating Carers Week: Recognising the Unsung Heroes of Our Communities

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