Genetic Conditions  

Supporting Genetic Conditions

Understanding Genetic Conditions

Salutem Care and Education is deeply committed to providing specialised care and support to individuals diagnosed with genetic conditions. We understand that each genetic condition presents its own unique challenges, and our dedicated team is equipped with the knowledge and compassion required to address them effectively.

Supporting Genetic Conditions

Smith-Magenis Syndrome

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Smith-Magenis syndrome is a special condition that can change the way someone behaves, feels, and learns. People with this condition often have unique facial features, trouble sleeping, behave differently, and may find learning a bit harder. They might also take more time to learn how to talk and use language.

Supporting at Salutem Care and Education. We offer tailored interventions and support plans to help manage the physical and behavioural aspects of this condition.

Lesch-Nyhan Syndrome

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Lesch-Nyhan syndrome is a super rare condition that happens even before a baby is born, and it mostly affects boys. It can cause problems with the brain and behaviour, like really bad arthritis, difficulty controlling muscles, and trouble with thinking. One big sign of this syndrome is doing things that hurt yourself, which can be tough.

The outlook for this syndrome isn’t great, but if it’s found early and treated, it can make life better. So, if someone you know has it, getting help sooner can improve their quality of life.

Supporting at Salutem Care and Education. We provide specialised care that encompasses both the physical manifestations and the neurological challenges.

Cornelia de Lange Syndrome

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Cornelia de Lange syndrome is a condition that can affect lots of different parts of the body. It’s different for each person, ranging from not-so-severe to more serious.

People with this syndrome might grow more slowly, both before they’re born and after. They might also have trouble with learning that can range from moderate to severe. Some folks with Cornelia de Lange syndrome have unique facial features, like eyebrows that meet in the middle, long eyelashes, ears that sit low, small teeth that are spread out, and a little turned-up nose.

Supporting at Salutem Care and Education. We deliver care that respects and understands the diverse symptoms, from developmental delays to distinctive facial features.

Tuberous Sclerosis Syndrome

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Tuberous sclerosis, also known as tuberous sclerosis complex (TSC), is a rare genetic disorder. It’s kind of like having little lumps, called tumours, grow in different parts of your body. But don’t worry, these tumours are not cancerous.

These tumours, or lumps, can appear in different places, and they can cause all sorts of different symptoms. Sometimes, doctors first notice it when you’re a baby or a kid. But for some people, the symptoms are so mild that they might not even know they have it until they’re grown-ups, or maybe not at all. In some cases, though, tuberous sclerosis can cause serious problems.

Supporting at Salutem Care and Education. We ensure those with this condition receive both the medical and developmental support they need.

Rett's Disorder

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A condition that primarily affects girls. When babies have Rett syndrome, they usually start out growing and learning just like other babies for the first six months. But then, something different happens. They begin to lose skills they had before, like crawling, walking, talking, and using their hands.

As they get older, kids with Rett syndrome find it harder to move, coordinate their muscles, and communicate. They might also have seizures and difficulties with thinking and learning. Instead of using their hands for regular things, they might do unusual hand movements, like rubbing or clapping repeatedly.

Supporting at Salutem Care and Education. We address the unique needs of those with Rett’s, from physical mobility challenges to communication support.

Down Syndrome

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Down syndrome is when a person has an extra something called a “chromosome.” Think of chromosomes as tiny instruction books in our bodies that tell us how to grow. Normally, we’re born with 46 of these instruction books, but people with Down syndrome have an extra one, specifically chromosome 21.

Doctors sometimes call this having “trisomy,” and you might also hear it called “Trisomy 21.” This extra instruction book can make the baby’s body and brain develop a bit differently, which can lead to some mental and physical challenges for the baby.

Supporting at Salutem Care and Education. We champion the potential of every individual with Down Syndrome through educational support, physical therapy, and more.

Our Approach

Individualised Care Plans: Recognising the distinctiveness of each genetic condition and the person diagnosed with it, we craft individualised care plans in collaboration with healthcare professionals, families, and the individual themselves.

Therapeutic Support: We offer therapeutic interventions to aid in physical, cognitive, and emotional development, ensuring holistic well-being.

Empowerment through Education: With a firm belief in the potential of every individual, we provide educational opportunities tailored to the unique learning needs of each person.

A Community of Understanding: We cultivate an environment where individuals, their families, and our team come together, fostering understanding, acceptance, and mutual growth.

Dedicated Professionals

Our team undergoes training to understand the nuances of each genetic condition, ensuring they offer the best care and support. Their continuous professional development guarantees that they are up-to-date with the latest advancements in care methodologies. 

Collaboration and Advocacy

We work hand-in-hand with multi-disciplinary teams to ensure our approaches are both up-to-date and deeply empathetic. Our goal is not only to care for but to champion the rights and potential of every individual under our wing.

At Salutem Care and Education, we see beyond the genetic condition of the individual – their dreams, aspirations, and capabilities. Through our specialised support, we aim to uplift, empower, and ensure a fulfilling life for all.

Contact Us

If you, or someone you know, require support for a genetic condition or wish to learn more about our services, please get in touch with our dedicated team. At Salutem Care and Education, we are here to assist, support, and stand alongside you every step of the way.

"I know my relative is happy and are in their element. Staff were caring and supportive. Established staff members clearly enjoyed spending time with the people they supported.”

Family Member


“I feel safe because [staff] are there if we need help, but they let us try first and only step in if we need them to.”

Individual we support


“The staff manage their risks well and keep us informed if there are any changes or concerns.”

Family of a person we support


“The best thing about being here is that the care staff are all ones you can talk to. They are all so easy to talk to and they really listen as well, trying to help sort things out in the long run.”

Individual we support

"The standard of care at Hennel Lane is excellent. Nothing is ever too much trouble for them and they always want what is best for my son. Communication is excellent and I am always kept informed."

Family member of a person we support

"Thank you for facilitating our birthday event. It was a very happy day I think and I am grateful that you could accommodate it at the Old Orchard. I hope everyone had a chance to bounce. Please thank everyone for me.”

Family Member

"The best thing to happen to my son was he went to live at Grizedale. It changed his whole life because it is a small home with very caring people looking after him, staff now exactly how to support him, and it is done with warmth, care and love and how much he had improved in every possible way, his life has been transformed, he has learnt to mix with other people and now has friends."


“When I was looking for a new home for [my sister], I knew immediately when I walked through the door of New Ridley that is was exactly the right place for her. Everyone was so positive and welcoming. I am so grateful for all the exceptional care and support given to her by all the lovely staff. They are all so skilled. I always had every confidence in every aspect of her care, and she was very happy there."

Relative of an individual we support

Sometimes I prefer my own company and the staff respect this. I can be as independent as I want."

Individual we support

“I love living here. I get to do all the things I want to do and get to see all my friends at the disco”

An individual we support

“A lovely home with professional caring and supportive staff. It is always very welcoming and friendly”

Family member of an individual we support

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