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Welcome to Salutem Care and Education, where we’re all about caring and educating people in England and Wales.

We provide lots of different kinds of help to lots of people. We have more than 150 dedicated services where we support and care for a wide range of people. We also offer fun activities during the day and places to live with extra support. So, whether you need a school that welcomes everyone, a safe place for grown-ups, or exciting opportunities that celebrate what makes you unique, you’ll find it here with us. Take a closer look to see how we’re supporting different needs and helping people grow, one person at a time.

At Salutem, we’re experts in taking care of people with all kinds of needs. Some people have well-known conditions like learning disabilities, autism, or mental health issues. Others have rare conditions like Smith-Magenis Syndrome, Lesch-Nyhan Syndrome, Cornelia de Lange Syndrome, or Rett’s Disorder. No matter what someone’s diagnosis is, we make sure they get the special care and support they need. We’re proud to be flexible and know a lot about different conditions, so everyone we help feels understood, supported, and empowered.

PBS Team

At Salutem Care and Education, our Positive Behaviour Support (PBS) team is truly amazing! This team is made up of dedicated professionals who really care about making sure that each person is happy and making progress. What makes our PBS team special is their expertise, dedication, and creative ways of helping.

They are great at figuring out why someone behaves in a certain way and finding ways to make things better in a positive way. They always treat everyone with respect and make sure their rights are protected. They work together and keep learning to stay updated on the best ways to help people.

Thanks to their fantastic work, our Salutem community is a supportive and empowering place. Our PBS team is an important part of our team that we can’t do without.


Our Adult Care Services are dedicated to delivering exceptional, individualised care and support. We strive to empower individuals to lead fulfilling lives, deeply integrated within their communities while maximising their independence.

We excel in assisting those with complex needs, including those under the Transforming Care programme, individuals with Autism, physical disabilities, learning disabilities, and mental health challenges. Serving as a reliable ally to 120 Local Authorities, we ensure timely and apt care in the most suitable setting.


Trauma encompasses a broad spectrum of distressing events, including abuse or neglect, which can be perceived as emotionally or physically damaging, or even life-threatening. The impact of such events on a child or young person is multifaceted, influenced not only by their personal perception of the event but also by its adverse effects on their emotional, social, spiritual, and physical well-being. It’s essential to understand that each child or young person responds to trauma uniquely.

To encapsulate, psychological trauma can be distilled into the 3 E’s:

Event, Experience, and Effect

By adopting a ‘trauma-informed’ approach, our staff teams can discern when children and young people may be grappling with trauma. This awareness allows them to modify the support they offer, facilitating recovery by fostering understanding and resilience. We work in partnership with Innovating Minds to bring specialised training to help our staff better understand this style of approach in our support and care.

Supported Living

Our supported living division, complemented by customised support packages, empowers adults and young individuals to live within the community, preserving their autonomy through personal tenancies.

We adopt a people-first mindset, collaboratively designing bespoke care plans with each individual, their families, and their representatives.

At the heart of these plans is the emphasis on choice, control, and the encouragement of independence at every opportunity.


At Salutem Care and Education, our commitment to education is both deep-rooted and expansive. Catering to the diverse needs of children, our specialised educational services start as early as 3 years of age and extend up to 25 years, ensuring a seamless transition through developmental milestones.

Recognising the pivotal role of early intervention, our “School for Parents” service offers complimentary sessions for families with children between a few months to 5 years who face motor learning challenges.

Furthermore, our innovative Virtual School, the Chiron Online Education Platform, breaks down barriers, making quality education accessible to everyone, regardless of location or circumstance. Through these initiatives, we embody our dedication to nurturing potential at every stage of growth.

“I am really happy here all the staff are lovely and caring”

Individual we support

"I love living here. I get to do all the things I want to do and get to see all my friends at the disco”

Individual we support

“Sometimes I prefer my own company and the staff respect this. I can be as independent as I want."

Individual we support

"The best thing to happen to my son was he went to live at Grizedale. It changed his whole life because it is a small home with very caring people looking after him, staff now exactly how to support him, and it is done with warmth, care and love and how much he had improved in every possible way, his life has been transformed , he has learnt to mix with other people and now has friends."

Parent of Individual we support

"They [staff] know me, my key worker goes through everything with me. It's good here."

Individual we support

"The standard of care at Hennel Lane is excellent. Nothing is ever too much trouble for them and they always want what is best for my son. Communication is excellent and I am always kept informed."

Parent of Individual we support

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Welcome to Salutem's inspiring world of care and learning! Discover real, raw stories of transformation from our community. Meet extraordinary individuals whose lives have dramatically improved and immerse yourself in their everyday experiences. Get ready for a journey of joy and inspiration as we change lives, one story at a time!

Celebrating Carers Week: Recognising the Unsung Heroes of Our Communities

Celebrating Carers Week: Recognising the Unsung Heroes of Our Communities

Carers Week is an annual campaign that shines a light on the incredible work of unpaid carers across the country. These dedicated individuals provide essential support to family members, friends, and neighbours living with disabilities, chronic illnesses, mental health conditions, or age-related frailty. This week is all about recognising their hard work, raising awareness of their challenges, and highlighting the support they need.