Young People in Transition 

Independence Assistance Programme

Our Vision

At Salutem Care and Education, we believe that every young adult possesses the potential to lead an independent and fulfilling life. Transitioning from care to adulthood is a pivotal juncture, and our commitment lies in equipping these young adults with the essential skills to navigate this transition confidently. Through our guidance and unwavering support, we aim to ignite individual growth and enable personal development, ensuring a smooth transition from adolescence to adulthood.


Key Support, Every Step of the Way

Every individual under our care will be assigned a dedicated key support worker. This ensures a consistent, personalised approach to their journey towards independence. Our key support workers develop a rapport, understand individual aspirations, and tailor their support to meet the unique needs of each young adult. With a special focus on 16–17-year-old care leavers, our service is meticulously designed to cater to their specific challenges and aspirations.

From School to Work or Study

Our Independence Assistance Programme is an all-encompassing solution for individuals transitioning from care. It offers more than just support; it’s a pathway to skill development and self-reliance. From basic life skills, and financial literacy, to securing stable employment or pursuing higher education, our programme covers every facet of independence.

Supported Accommodation: A Stepping Stone to Independence

A significant aspect of our programme is the provision of supported accommodation. This environment serves as a safe space where young adults can practice their independence skills while still having access to support. Our accommodations are more than just a place to stay; they’re environments that support growth, self-discovery, and resilience. Within these settings, individuals can set and work towards their goals, gradually transitioning from care to complete self-sufficiency.

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Partners with NASAP

We’re proud to be a partner of NASAP, which stands for the National Association of Supported Accommodation Partners. NASAP is the first official group in the country that’s fully recognised for supporting places where people live together with special help, as set out in The Supported Accommodation (England) Regulations 2023.

NASAP is all about people helping people. It’s not-for-profit, which means they’re not trying to make money; instead, they focus on helping others. They have members who lead the way, and together, they make sure everyone in the supported accommodation world gets the best care. They host a big yearly conference and have an online community where people share their best ideas and practices.

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Contact Us

For more information on our Independence Assistance Programme or to discover how Salutem Care and Education can support you or a loved one in this journey, please reach out to our dedicated team. We’re here to assist, empower, and inspire.

"I know my relative is happy and are in their element. Staff were caring and supportive. Established staff members clearly enjoyed spending time with the people they supported.”

Family Member


“I feel safe because [staff] are there if we need help, but they let us try first and only step in if we need them to.”

Individual we support


“The staff manage their risks well and keep us informed if there are any changes or concerns.”

Family of a person we support


“The best thing about being here is that the care staff are all ones you can talk to. They are all so easy to talk to and they really listen as well, trying to help sort things out in the long run.”

Individual we support

"The standard of care at Hennel Lane is excellent. Nothing is ever too much trouble for them and they always want what is best for my son. Communication is excellent and I am always kept informed."

Family member of a person we support

"Thank you for facilitating our birthday event. It was a very happy day I think and I am grateful that you could accommodate it at the Old Orchard. I hope everyone had a chance to bounce. Please thank everyone for me.”

Family Member

"The best thing to happen to my son was he went to live at Grizedale. It changed his whole life because it is a small home with very caring people looking after him, staff now exactly how to support him, and it is done with warmth, care and love and how much he had improved in every possible way, his life has been transformed, he has learnt to mix with other people and now has friends."


“When I was looking for a new home for [my sister], I knew immediately when I walked through the door of New Ridley that is was exactly the right place for her. Everyone was so positive and welcoming. I am so grateful for all the exceptional care and support given to her by all the lovely staff. They are all so skilled. I always had every confidence in every aspect of her care, and she was very happy there."

Relative of an individual we support

Sometimes I prefer my own company and the staff respect this. I can be as independent as I want."

Individual we support

“I love living here. I get to do all the things I want to do and get to see all my friends at the disco”

An individual we support

“A lovely home with professional caring and supportive staff. It is always very welcoming and friendly”

Family member of an individual we support

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Celebrating Carers Week: Recognising the Unsung Heroes of Our Communities

Celebrating Carers Week: Recognising the Unsung Heroes of Our Communities

Carers Week is an annual campaign that shines a light on the incredible work of unpaid carers across the country. These dedicated individuals provide essential support to family members, friends, and neighbours living with disabilities, chronic illnesses, mental health conditions, or age-related frailty. This week is all about recognising their hard work, raising awareness of their challenges, and highlighting the support they need.