Education from 0-25 years of age

Our vision is for all children and young people to be educated close to home with all their individual education, care and health needs being met.

We are experts in providing education and support for children and young people, from early years through to college and young adult learning centres. All of our education is aimed at promoting independence, skills and confidence.

We offer multi-disciplinary teams including therapists, nurses, care staff, mental health practitioners, teachers and learning support assistants.

We offer true flexibility – from day places to respite and residential 52 weeks per year.

Our curriculum is stimulating, diverse and suited to each individual’s needs and aspirations, blending both formal and vocational qualifications.

We offer students the opportunity to gain recognised awards.

We maximise each individual’s potential and often have a positive and lasting impact on a young person’s life in cases where other providers have failed to meet their needs.

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A specialist college for young people aged 18 to 25 to fulfil their potential as they ‘Prepare for Adulthood’. The main site is at Lancaster with other services at Carlisle, Blackpool, South Lake and Sussex.

Beaumont College supports students with a broad range of physical and learning impairments for over forty years on a residential or day basis. We strive to offer opportunities to learn across five learning pathways:

Sensory Communication Pathway

Students following this pathway will develop increased levels of engagement with a broader range of activities and people.

Communication and Interaction

Students following this pathway will be supported to build upon emerging cognitive skills and formal expressive/receptive communication skills.

Skills for Independent Living

Students following this pathway benefit from the support that comes from working in partnership with another person and/or specialist equipment.

Skills for Life and Work

This pathway will take the student through a mixed programme of activities that will enable them to prepare for living a more independent life and participate in community-based activities.

Access to Learning

This pathway involves preparation for the future opportunities, responsibilities, and experiences of adulthood and work/ volunteering life.

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We are an independent provision for early years (aged 4-5) and primary (4+) within the Merseyside area who have a variety of SEND diagnoses. We believe that all children have the right to be educated in a safe environment and have their needs met through a wide range of interventions delivered by skilled professionals.

All of our pupils have an EHCP in place that forms the basis of planning for their individual needs and educational programme. We focus on developing children’s literacy and numeracy skills and preparing them for life beyond school through delivering age-and-stage-appropriate PSHE and physical curriculum.

Children are offered a variety of specialist support from highly trained staff:

  • Teaching Assistants
  • HLTA’s
  • Teachers
  • Behavioural Specialist
  • Speech & Language Therapist
  • Access to Physio and Occupational Therapists
  • Access to IT and Assistive Technology
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Education evolved

Education has come a long way and now technology is playing a big role in transforming it. One cool initiative that’s really making a splash in online education is the Chiron Online Education Platform. It’s perfect for students who aren’t currently accessing education, is at risk of NEET (Not in Education, Employment, or Training), or have complex educational profiles.

But what’s in it for students when enrolled with Chiron? Well, they get to enjoy some pretty unique benefits when they join our interactive online learning community. Let’s look at what they are!

  • Personalised Education tool kit
  • Classroom and library in one place
  • All lessons at your convenience
  • Streamlining homework and assessments

Chiron OEP won’t just provide a great curriculum and amazing teachers – we offer so much more!

Our platform is designed to provide a comprehensive, personalised, and safe learning experience. We understand that online learning can be daunting, but we’re here to remove those barriers and make it an engaging and interactive journey.

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Craig Y Parc is an independent day school for pupils from age 3 to 19 years. Currently, the age range of pupils at the school is from age 6 to 19 years. The school is situated alongside Ty Cwtch registered children’s home, which provides residential care for young people.

All pupils have statements of special educational need (SEN) or education, health and care plans (EHCP).

Our curriculum is one specifically designed to meet the individual needs of our students. We focus heavily on developing communication skills, physical and sensory abilities, numeracy, digital competence, well-being, thinking, and life skills.

Craig y Parc provides a highly qualified and experienced team of therapists to support all students. The team are closely involved with external healthcare professionals. Often they are the first to identify significant physical changes in a student and liaising with local therapists or medical teams is vital in monitoring clinical, surgical or equipment needs. All of our therapy programmes are individually tailored and based on a thorough assessment and evaluation of each student’s needs.

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Our aim is to provide an environment in which children and young people feel that they are valued as individual, holistic, active learners and empowered with the confidence and self-esteem to communicate, make choices and develop skills throughout their school career and beyond.

Specialising in various learning difficulties and disabilities including Cerebral Palsy as well as visual impairment, hearing impairment and more complex medical needs. Secondary provision for children with social, speech and language communication difficulties.

At Ingfield Manor, we make every effort to ensure that disadvantaged students receive outstanding support and believe that our core business is to ensure all our students reach their full potential. Our aim is to use our pupil premium funding to help us achieve and sustain positive outcomes for all our disadvantaged pupils.

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Excellent learning environment with well-equipped facilities for 4-5 year-olds. Children attend here have an EHCP and require individualised support and guidance to develop their independence, communication and skills for learning.

Walton Nurture offers an intensive year-long interventions-based programme to either prepare to feed into Cavendish View or to transition to their next educational setting. Our current cohort require support around communication and sensory regulation. They also have a diagnosis of Autism and associated conditions

At Walton Nurture provision we understand that every child is different and unique in their own development. We are so proud to play a part in this journey and look forward to nurturing them to develop their independence and communication skills.

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Our Woodview provision opened in September 2022 for its first group of year 7’s. As of September 2023, we have year 7 and year 8 secondary groups that follow our bespoke Woodview cirriculum.

Our Woodview curriculum is predominately for individuals with SCLN (social, communication and/or language needs). Many of our young people have joined us from a mainstream primary school, but have needed a smaller more nurturing secondary education.

Our curriculum is designed to meet the individual needs and aspirations of all our students. It supports our children and young people to become active, independent, empathetic learners with strong communication and physical skills.

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Celebrating Carers Week: Recognising the Unsung Heroes of Our Communities

Celebrating Carers Week: Recognising the Unsung Heroes of Our Communities

Carers Week is an annual campaign that shines a light on the incredible work of unpaid carers across the country. These dedicated individuals provide essential support to family members, friends, and neighbours living with disabilities, chronic illnesses, mental health conditions, or age-related frailty. This week is all about recognising their hard work, raising awareness of their challenges, and highlighting the support they need.