Children’s Services
East Midlands

East Midlands Children’s Service

Our East Midlands service provides 52-week care, in a residential setting for children of either gender, aged between 4-18 years, who have a learning disability and/or emotional and behavioural difficulties. All admissions are planned to ensure that the needs of the child to be placed, and those already placed, can be met. We make sure the young people we support get the most from every experience and find the best ways to improve their physical, cognitive, and communication skills. This can be through one-to-one support or the benefit of a specialist team. Our team has training and experience in dysphagia, epilepsy, mental health needs, cerebral palsy, autism, and learning disabilities.

“The staff build positive relationships with children. Children have enjoyed the activities that they have chosen. Giving children the opportunity to take part in events that they have chosen helps them to build their identity.”“Staff find creative ways to help children with daily routines and children have enriching experiences that help to build their self-esteem. The children benefit from an environment that they can thrive in.”

Ofsted 2023

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