Klein House



Klein House comprises two self-contained flats, one ground floor, and one first floor providing 24-hour support for two adults. Klein caters for individuals with complex needs including autism, bipolar disorder and learning disabilities. Both flats are fully equipped with kitchen, bathroom and laundry facilities in order to allow the residents to live as independently as possible. There is a strong ethos of enablement at Klein, so individuals are encouraged to develop and enhance their own life skills with staff providing support and guidance where needed. Care and support are delivered in a person-centred manner with the individual’s own preferences and wishes as the focus of attention

“Staff placed people’s wishes, needs and rights at the heart of everything they did. People and those important to them, including advocates, were involved in planning their care. Staff knew and understood people well and were responsive, supporting their aspirations to live a quality life of their choosing. Staff spoke about people respectfully. “

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