Ambito Community Services – Cambridgeshire

Adult Care


Supported Living, Learning Disabilities, Autism, Mental Health, Physical Disabilities
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Cambridge, UK


Midlands (East)

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Manager: Laura Reece

Tel:  07531096292

If you would like to find out more please contact an expert member of our team. Click on ‘MAKE A REFERRAL’ button to open the relevant contact form.

*Please note, the safeguarding of people we care for in our supported living services is at the forefront of all we do. That’s why the locations of these services are undisclosed and the map pin highlights their closest town or city.

Ambito Community Services Cambridgeshire offers support for disabled adults in Cambridge, giving them the opportunity to live an independent lifestyle and the chance to develop and practice independent living skills. Individual support is also provided.

Each flat has two bedrooms – which the individuals we support are encouraged to decorate and make their own – two bathrooms, a lounge and a kitchen. Hoisting facilities are available in every flat.


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