To mark Learning Disability Week (15-21 June), we are launching a competition across the whole of Salutem!

The idea for the competition came from Pete Gascoigne at Greenfields Close in Coddington created his own colouring book to beat the lockdown blues.

Pete Gascoigne, 51, who is living with learning difficulties and epilepsy, enjoys colouring in and wanted to share the happiness it brings him with other people in his home.

Please send entries to :

Salutem Colouring Book Drawing Guide

If all drawings can be supplied in A4 portrait as this will then be printed in the final Colouring Book from all selected drawings.

When drawing please use black ink only, no colour elements are needed here. You can create any object, animal or scene that you wish. You can fill the page or have a single object, we can always repeat any single objects throughout the book. We are basically looking for outlined drawings with lots of white.

Shapes contained in black outlines that can then be coloured in. These can be as complicated or simple as you like, we look forward to seeing your artworks.