Our Westgate family transform their summerhouse into a COVID-secure restaurant

Westgate individuals sitting down at table to eat Christmas dinner

The staff and people we support at Westgate have enjoyed a Christmas meal in a pop-up restaurant in their garden.

With the national lockdown and restrictions in place, staff had to think outside of the box to ensure the people we support were still able to have a ‘meal out’ together for Christmas. Before the difficulties of COVID-19, service users enjoyed going out for meals, so staff have come up with an innovative way for them to enjoy a gastronomic treat.

So our staff transformed the summerhouse in their garden into a pop-up silver-service restaurant, serving a smorgasbord of yummy treats to the residents.








Westgate individuals sitting down at table to eat Christmas dinner

Chad McMahon, resident at Westgate, said: “The cabin restaurant was lovely, I really enjoy going out to eat a meal and to be able to replicate that under COVID-secure conditions made it even better.”

Munish Kumar, manager at Westgate, said: “As we all know, the past year has been difficult with lockdowns and restrictions and we have had to be creative and think outside the box to make life as normal as possible for the people we support. Here at Westgate, we had been looking forward to a meal out, so our staff came up with the cabin restaurant. It was a wonderful idea and we all had an amazing time.”

Individuals we support from Westgate sitting in their log cab in the garden on Christmas Day