Say hello to Marc Simon, our Head of Education at our recently opened primary school in Liverpool – Cavendish View School!

“As the Head of Education for Cavendish View School, I believe I bring a wealth of experience of supporting children from social, emotional and mental health (SEMH) backgrounds, looking at how their needs are met and how to re-engage them within a school setting. I strongly advocate the pupil voice and work together with every student we support on finding ways to remove the varied barriers to learning and development that they may have faced in the past.

I’ll be supporting our Cavendish View students mainly by listening to their needs and developing a wide variety of resources and opportunities that allow them to access the same things that would be available via mainstream school, and beyond!

The staff and our approach to creating a welcoming and accepting environment where pupils and their families feel safe and secure to develop and grow as one community are really what sets Cavendish View apart from other schools. I cannot wait to see the pupils we welcome experience a new and exciting way of approaching their development, as it is one rarely seen in modern education.”

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