Matthew Kavanagh swaps his job as cabin crew for a new chapter in Care

Mathew Kavanagh Salutem Care and Education worked as cabin crew for British Airways back in the late 2000s and at the same time was volunteering at SCOPE (now Ambito) day services in Brighton. He found that a role in Care was more rewarding and joined SCOPE full-time.

After a couple of years, Matthew left the UK to teach English to pre-school children in Cambodia for two years. Upon his return to the UK, Matthew was keen to return to work in care and applied to become a Support Worker with us at another day care facility in Plymouth.

Due to COVID-19, the facility Matthew worked at was closed in May 2020, and the staff dispersed to our other services. Matthew became a Support Worker at the Kanner Project and said: “I loved my new post so much that I sought a permanent transfer. Since May 2020, I have been part of the team at Kanner Project and I have never been happier in my life.”

Vic Brelsford-Ward, manager of The Kanner Project, said: “Matthew has quickly become an essential member of our care team and the residents love having him around. He is an excellent carer and we are glad that he joined us in May.”

If you are looking for a change in career, we’re currently recruiting for people that would be able to help the people we support achieve positive outcomes and enable them to participate as full and active citizens in their local community.

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