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Returning to the family home is one of the most common outcomes for young people who are in care, however research shows that many ‘return homes’ break down, creating a revolving door back into care.

At our family reunification homes, each young person has an initial 28-day assessment process in order to complete a therapeutic assessment. This results in a tailored, individualised therapeutic plan that consists of a psychosocial model of intervention utilising a range of approaches that will create a bespoke package around each child. The interventions used will predominantly consist of motivational interviewing, solution focused practice, cognitive behavioural interventions, and dialectical behavioural interventions. The initial work consists of some life story work to ascertain what the young person understands about their own history and what they want going forward.

Once it is decided what the plan of reunification will look like, we work in partnership with the reunifying family, whether this be family members or foster carers once they have been identified. If family are already identified, this work within the plan will commence within 6 months of the young person coming into placement. This will be at around month 10 if foster carers are identified.

Throughout the process of reunification, contact will always be planned. We know that young adulthood is a time of great social, emotional, psychological, and educational change. This is often much harder for young people with long term or complex needs, care leavers and those with a history of chaotic lives. Our services include Transition homes as part of our wider pathway of care, enabling semi-independent living that gives the right support to equip each individual with the skills and reliance needed to successfully move to independence. This includes practical life skills, money management, accessing employment and training opportunities, managing health conditions and building social networks.

As a leading provider of Adult services, we can also provide a full pathway of care for those young people needing ongoing support with access to over 120 residential and supported living homes across England and Wales.

Our dedicated Transition teams ensure support at other key times in an individual’s life, such as leaving our schools or colleges.

“As part of the process for students leaving college and moving on to their next stage, the transition team invites individuals and organisations to shadow staff and students during their final year, so they have a clear understanding of their abilities and support needs. This collaboration contributes to a very effective transition from college.”

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