Having lost his job as a nightclub DJ due to the pandemic’s shut down of the hospitality and leisure sectors, Camborne resident Samuel Barnes took a drastic change in career.

After Samuel’s mum passed away at the start of the year, and with pandemic induced lockdowns closing the hospitality and leisure sectors, he was inspired to change occupations, switching the excitement of nightclubs for the new challenges of Care.

Joining us in August 2020, Barnes followed his mother’s wishes and became a Support Worker at Rosewarne in Camborne, Cornwall.

Since then, Samuel has been taking part in all aspects of Rosewarne life, including the home’s Christmas party and bake off, and has bonded with both the people we support and fellow carers. He said: “The Rosewarne team are amazing, so caring and down to Earth, as are the residents. My favourite thing about working at Rosewarne is the way that the team do their absolute best to provide the best care for the residents.”

“I loved the job from the minute I started, and I was able to transfer skills such as listening and patience from my job as a DJ. I’m so glad I changed career and would like to thank Salutem for the opportunity you have given me in this role.”

If you are looking for a change in career, Salutem is currently recruiting for people that would be able to provide support to residents in order to achieve positive outcomes and enable them to participate as full and active citizens in their local community.

For more information, please call the recruitment team on 01753 255777 or email recruitment@salutemsharedservices.co.uk