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Our specialist services for individuals with complex needs and/or those who are part of the Transforming Care Programme are underpinned by a model of Positive Behavioural Support (PBS).
We believe anyone, regardless of their disability, can live in the community, with the right support, and be close to home, reducing the number of people in hospital or secure settings.

Our dedicated in-house PBS Team use the latest best practice and insights to improve the quality and engagement for the individuals we support. Their approach is based on the key principles of:

  • Understanding the reasons for the behaviour so unmet needs can be met.
  • Providing support based on inclusion, choice, participation and equality of opportunity.
  • Considering the person as a whole – their life history, physical health and emotional needs.
  • Being proactive and preventative, focusing on the teaching of new skills to replace behaviours that challenge.
  • Combining perspectives from different professionals working as one team.

We design bespoke homes for individuals who need 24/7 support with a dedicated care team. We also support individuals in their own homes providing intensive Supported Living.

“A key strength of the school is the trans-disciplinary team approach to support pupils’ academic and personal development. A wide range of professionals work side by side across the school site. Their combined expertise ensures that pupils benefit from high levels of challenge in a safe and nurturing environment. As a result pupils thrive, develop increasing independence and love coming to school.”

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