Our new primary school being built in Walton, Liverpool, has launched a competition to name its classrooms after local heroes who have made a positive impact on the community, as a way to show admiration and respect to those that have given back to the local area and people. The school invites locals to nominate people who they believe are worthy of being honoured, whether it be a family member, a friend or a community veteran.

Cavendish View School will open in January 2021 on the site of Walton Nursery and Early Years Centre, in Walton, Liverpool. It will be a new primary school for children aged 5-12 years old, and will specialise in mental health, autism and complex behaviours. The school will be open to pupils from each of the five neighbouring boroughs – including Liverpool, The Wirral, Knowsley, Huyton, and Sefton.

Cavendish View School will have seven classrooms with a capacity of 42 pupils in order to provide tailored care and support to students. It will provide a small, nurturing environment to ensure that pupils do not feel overwhelmed. Alongside providing students with specialised support and care, it will offer several unique features, including a sensory room, a therapy room, and a soft playroom.

Lyndsey Murphy, principal of Cavendish View School, said: “We hope that by offering the opportunity to name our classrooms after community heroes, students will enter our school, surrounded by the names of people who they can admire, and more importantly, people that will make them feel safe, valued, and loved.”

“We want everyone to get involved in the competition, and nominate somebody who is special to them or the city of Liverpool – it could be a friend, relative, volunteer or anyone who deserves a bit of extra recognition, so we can honour our local heroes by celebrating them in our new school.”

To enter the competition, and to nominate a community hero, send the name and reason for nomination, in less than 100 words, to Cavendish.view@ambitocareandeducation.co.uk by Friday, November 27.